About Our Journey

First of all, welcome to our site and we hope and pray that you find it fun and enjoyable as well as entertaining and educational.


How We Arrived Here

Life brings so many challenges and obstacles and with each new one, we are faced with the choice to strive forward or settle for less. Both my wife and I have faced, and in many areas are still facing various levels of challenge. We face these challenges head-on and rely on experiences and a grounded belief system and have, thankfully, overcome each one so far.

In this journey called life, we have been blessed with several chances to better ourselves and the environment around us. This venture is another welcome progression in that same journey. We try to better ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually, so this is a natural step for us to take. We know we are never going to be finished evolving into the people we were created to be. Naturally, we wish to be able to pass on any insight, knowledge or wisdom we may have collected over the years.

This brings us to why we have started this website.

Why We Want To Help People

There is no doubt we all need help at certain times or periods of our journey. Sometimes people don’t want help or don’t feel that they need help. However, sometimes people really don’t need help with a particular subject or issue because there are times in life where we are faced with things we need to deal with on our own. Then there are times in life where we need someone to lean on or to assist us. The real challenge is being able to discern between when we do or do not need help. It is our hope and desire to be able to help others to differentiate between when they really do need help and when they don’t.

It is also very important to understand it is not a sign of weakness to accept or need help, to the contrary, it Is actually a great strength to be able to trust someone enough to lean on them and allow them to be your crutch. Throughout life where we have been blessed with people to help us and we have also faced times when we didn’t have help or we were too stubborn to accept help. Just as with everyone else we are unable to go back in time to change the decisions that we’ve made, so we proceed forward doing the best we can, trying to make better decisions to not make the same mistakes we made in the past.

We hope and pray that you are able to find some answers and/or assistance here.

The Goal Here Is

Well, the goal is helping others achieve healthier living, by using their time and resources in a way that is much more beneficial.Green Lane


All the best,


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    1. Thank you so much Tee, we are so happy you enjoyed the post and hope you keep visiting us here at free-4life.com where we are learning to live free and helping others to learn it as well.

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