Free Is Good

We all want something of value for free, right? Of course, we do. If we find a good deal on something, we tell those people in our lives what it is so they too can get in on the deal.

Getting Something For Nothing

I have found a platform that teaches a way to make money at home. This is old news, you say? How about the fact that you can join for free? Still not convinced? Ok, ok, ok, there are currently over 1.5 million members and growing and it has been around since 2005. If you aren’t at least a little interested by now, then I have lost you.

In this training platform, you really do get a lot for nothing. Getting something for nothing is an old ploy to get people in, get them “hooked” and then reel them in. I want to be totally upfront about how it works. You can join for absolutely free, nada, zip, zilch. After joining and checking it out, you will see how much there is to offer within the platform, then you can continue for free and you get 2 free sites or you can decide you want more and get the whole enchilada by upgrading to premium. So, there is a totally free aspect and there is a paid aspect.

From firsthand experience, we tried the free/starter account for free and within a few days went to premium. We were only in the premium account for about four days when we decided to go yearly. By paying yearly, you save almost 50% on the cost, to us it was a no-brainer.

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Paying A Little For A Lot

So, after we went yearly and figured it out, it is less than a dollar a day to be a part of a tried and true wonderful training platform that at this point I couldn’t imagine being without. The training modules are sectioned out in a manner that is easily digestible and retainable all at the same time. Kyle and Carson have really outdone themselves with this platform.

We have been in Wealthy Affiliate (WA) for less than a year at this point and seriously cannot imagine where we would be if we hadn’t decided to join. The truth of the matter is I had looked at WA a few times prior to joining and had tried to “learn” about how to make money online without paying anyone to teach me. I have since had to unlearn a few things that I thought I knew and learn them the right way from this platform.

I knew that whatever we did had to be budget friendly and not put us in the poor house before we ever even got off the ground.

Wealthy Affiliate

Building On Next To Nothing

I had looked at several other training platforms and had even joined a couple, only to ask for our money back because they didn’t deliver on what they promised. WA, on the other hand, has more than I could ever have imagined and it just keeps giving. So, we were able to fit WA into our budget and into our schedule.

That was a big deal too, being able to have the time it takes to build a site and create traffic in order to generate a passive income stream. I know people, both in WA and others elsewhere, and I can tell you that WA is hands down the better of the options out there right now.

One of the biggest, probably the biggest bargain of WA is the community that you get to be a part of. If you decide to check it out, you will see that there is such a huge community of people here and they want to help you. It is based on the “Pay It Forward” principle.

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Pay It Forward

You get helped, what you do with that is help others. You pay it forward. You help, they help, you get helped, you help. It is the best execution of this principle that I have yet to witness. It is astounding to be a part of.

Have you ever had a moment when you felt that you were a part of something great? Something bigger than you had imagined before getting involved? That is the community within WA. It is really beyond words, these words I am using do it no real justice. You will encounter a very few people who seem to have nothing better to do but be a crab, but such is life. It is like 99% good and 1% not so good. And that is probably not accurate either, it is likely better odds than that.

I really cannot say enough about the support that you get from the community. People who have been on their journey for longer than you, who are totally willing to share their experiences with you in order to assist you in your journey. Then there are people just like you who have only just begun their journey and you will get to witness each other grow and mature in your businesses.

Wealthy Affiliate

Few Things Are Free

There are so few things in this world anymore that are free, this is one of those things. You are getting my #1 training platform recommendation for free. You can join for free. You don’t like it and want to leave? Free. You want to stay and build on the two FREE sites, yep, free. You get to experience the wonderful community for free. There is so much that is really given to you for free within WA that it seems to be too good to be true.

Trust me, it isn’t too good to be true, it is completely true and you can get it for free. There is nothing stopping you from trying this free training platform. I recommend it to anyone that I know is at all serious about wanting to achieve freedom from their punch in, punch out 40+ a week slave driver job. If that is you, just click the banner below and let’s get started. See you there.




Reader Comments

  1. Great article you have written here.

    I have found that networking has many failings in the concept. The largest failing is that in networking people are really out for themself.

    I have been a part of network marketing businesses and a member in a networking organization. I felt that people still are all about themself and not about seeing you succeed too.

    I actually joined Wealthy Affiliate a few months ago.

    This is the first network type website that teaches you how to be successful online. People are honestly on to help each other.

    If you have any questions ask, Frank. I can vouch for the company.

    I am a writer and found that using what I learned from this company that I started making money my very first month using concepts and training that I was given.

    Now this is not a get rich quick business. It takes tons of work, but it is well worth it in the end.

    I loved the article.

    1. Thanks Jake, we appreciate the vote of confidence and are so happy that you are having such great success within Wealthy Affiliate. It is true, the people in the Wealthy Affiliate community are truly there to help each other and to “Pay It Forward”. 

      Yes, the work it takes to achieve success is well worth it in the end. 

  2. Everything that the authors of this article describe is so true about Wealthy Affiliate.It really is the best platform to be a part of if you want to learn how to earn an income for yourself online.

    What I liked most upon joining, was that they did not ask for any credit card or payment details upfront. That made me feel more secure that this wasn’t another scammy website.

    Since joining wealthy affiliate I have accomplished SO much and have received amazing support from the community. The training is world class, and as mentioned – everything is brought to light in a pay-it-forward type of mindset, which I LOVE.

    As with any real business, this is not a get-rich-overnight scheme. You’re going to have to work, but the benefits you will reap will be for life 😀 

    1. Thanks so much A.P. and always enjoy when another Wealthy Affiliate member gives their testimony of how well the system works and how they are benefiting from the great community there. 

  3. What a perfect explanation of the pay it forward community at Wealthy Affiliate. I have been a member myself for a few months now and when you say free it really is, yes I did go premium myself after about a month because of the value and the savings. I like that there are no upsells what you see is truely what you get. 

    1. Very true, Cathy, what you see is what you get. It is truly a wonderful experience when things are as they are supposed to be. 

  4. Hey Frank! How are you doing buddy? I really enjoyed reading this blog post as it contains tons of valuable information. I’ve been a premium member at Wealthy Affiliate for 4 consecutive months and I’ve received a lot of help from the community here. If you’re interested in creating passive income for future, this is the right thing to do. Read this blog carefully and join Wealthy Affiliate. Just try it guys!!! 

    At Wealthy Affiliate, you get access to live help, live webinars and top quality training. Thanks a lot for taking your time in creating this post Frank. Well done!!! 

    1. Appreciate it AV, and you are so on cue about how much value there is in the Wealthy Affiliate platform, not just in this blog post. It is amazing how well the platform works. The webinars, the live chat, the Q & A, the support, all of it is an amazing thing to witness. 

  5. Thanks to Frank for his valuable message with real target of achievement. I have joined also wealthy affiliate and I am learning every day. However I have to earn a monthly income any how. That’s why I am trying and searching everything possible here. But I thinks it needs time to focus on main target. You are explaining nicely about their activities. But I believe we have to work hard in the beginning.

    1. Oh, my friend, it isn’t just hard work in the beginning, it is hard work always. The difference is that the amount of work certainly can and usually does decrease after you gain traction. Doing online businesses is not an “EASY” thing to do, it is the right and responsible thing to do because it earns you a passive income stream. But it isn’t an easy or get rich quick thing. 

      Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate, it is much easier than before. 

  6. I totally agree with you, “Free is good.” Today, we often hear people say, “You do not get something out of nothing.” But here you are telling people you actually can?  Tell me, who does not want to get something for nothing?

    When I was looking into this platform more than a year ago, I never really thought about it this way. But I believe we had the same experience. Before jumping on board the Wealthy Affiliate, for free, that is … I joined some other platforms too for free and I almost put down $997 to gain access to their “seemingly great products.” I’m just glad I found this program that offers many benefits for free. It did not take me 7 days to decide I wanted more of what’s inside so I upgraded to premium then eventually went yearly.

    Looking back, I am grateful to the person who introduced Wealthy Affiliate to me so I made it my goal to share this also to everyone who wants to get something for nothing. Free is good indeed!

    1. Thanks, Alice, it really is something for nothing. Free really is free and it is indeed good. We do seem to have similar stories when it comes to Wealthy Affiliate. Thank you for sharing. 

  7. Thank you for sharing with us this great post on financial freedom. Many people can’t believe it but what you are saying is very real. At Wealthy Affiliate we get help and in return we help others by posting valuable content which will help many people on our websites.

    The most important thing is that it is free to start and we learn and earn at the same time which is not the case for other online platforms.

    People could understand how beneficial is Wealthy Affiliate and join to change their financial condition.

  8. Hi Frank,

    Sounds like you might have found something good, and Free IS Good. But, let me ask you! Just how long are you going to be able to tag along and enjoy all this for FREE? Do I get all the same benefits as everyone else? I mean are you trying to tell me that I could take a FREE website, and start selling widgets, make a ton of money, all for FREE? How long would it take me to make say 1k a month?  Let’s say I worked on it 5 hrs everyday, for a year, would I be making that kind of money? What is the catch, Frank? And this pay it forward thingy, what is that? Am I going to have to do something to pay for my FREE training, and my (2) FREE sites? 

    I have to say it sounds too good to be true! If that is how this operates, then I’m clicking on your banner, and I am going to ask for Frank in General. You convinced me, so I am going to hold your feet to the fire Frank, I want to be successful!

    I will see you on the inside,Frank!


    1. LOL, absolutely Chas, you need to hold people accountable for the things they say. If more people did that then there would be far less scamming and thus way less scepticism in the world. You can start, maintain and keep the free account for as long as you like, yes. You can put time into it and while you partake in the training and hone your marketing skills, you would most likely generate a revenue stream. I must say, most people want an easy answer as to how long will it take, and the easy answer is there is not set answer. It depends on too many variables to give a pat answer.

      Do you have any previous training, do you know anything at all about how to build a website, are you going to be learning a the same pace as me or someone else, there are just too many things to take into account when trying to calculate that answer. But I will tell you that if you stay at it, you will indeed see success. The only thing that will prevent you from achieving success is yourself.  

      As to whether you have to do anything for the free account, the answer is no. All you have to do is show up and sign up. I look forward to seeing you on the inside. 

  9. Your description of your experience with WA is very similar to mine. Except I joined as a starter member in 2017 and then forgot about it. I “rediscovered” the platform again in 2018 and ended up actually checking it out. It didn’t take me long to decide to upgrade.

    What I loved most about it was that there was no pressure to upgrade. I didn’t feel like I was being bombarded with an upsell like most other comparable programs. I loved the free value I got. I wanted more so I upgraded, and boy am I glad I did.

    My only regret is that I didn’t get started sooner back when I first joined in 2017.

    1. I am right there with you, I wish I had started sooner. So happy that you are a member and look forward to bumping into you in the Wealthy Affiliate halls. LOL See you there. 

  10. Good! This is the best post anyone can read. It’s life transforming for anyone that would listen to you. People don’t listen to any make money online opportunity due to their past experiences but I promise you reading this, this is life transforming. Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to get started with your big dreams. All the Training, Support are tools are available for almost free.

    Just do it. After all there’s a free Option…

  11. I remember joining Wealthy Affiliate for free and decided to go on premium the sixth day. I had an awesome experience and I never wanted to miss an opportunity to start working on my future now. I love especially the community and the creators Kyle and Carson. They’ve been amazing all these while. I recommend Wealthy Affiliate for any body who wants to build an online business and Empire.

    1. I recommend it to all that I can tell are even halfway serious about learning and building an online presence leading to income and growth

  12. Few years ago I was making research on ways to make money online and I got to know Affiliate Marketing, dropshipping and E-commerce, Google Adsense etc. I fell in love with Affiliate Marketing and Dropshipping. So I was looking for a reliable way to learn and start earning asap. About a year + ago I stumbled on Wealthy Affiliate. I was so skeptical about it. I had to read more reviews but none was against Wealthy Affiliate. I had to give it a try and I too fell in love with it. I joined less than a month ago and I have made over $100.

    This is just the beginning…

    Thanks for sharing this opportunity to others who would want to really make money online.

    1. Hey, congrats Barry, on finding Wealthy Affiliate and finding success. It is my number one recommendation and I am a very satisfied member. Let’s keep making dreams come true. 

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