Freedom Begets Freedom

I think most of us have heard the saying, “violence begets violence”, well the same is true of many things, including freedom. Once you begin to experience freedom in certain areas of your life, you will want to and likely begin to experience freedom in other areas of your life.

It really only makes sense when you stop and think about it, you are bound up in the slavery of money, you owe so you work. You can never really get ahead while you are working mostly from paycheck to paycheck.

Financial Freedommoney

We address financial freedom first because if you can become freer from your financial situation, then you can begin to have more of the other freedoms mentioned here. Having, finding, achieving financial freedom is not a small task and it is also not a small step in the direction of getting other freedoms in life.

I know that once you get over the huge hurdle of financial freedom, the other freedoms begin to fall into place much, much easier. It is the snowball effect when it comes to freedoms after you get the ball rolling, it builds momentum and increases with each freedom attained.

Time FreedomMoney Time

Once financial freedom is attained, then you will have more time freedom and be able to do more of the things you want to do instead of all the things you “have” to do. Obtaining financial freedom is the biggest step forward in this entire process because it is our money that seems to hold us captive the most.

After being freed from the pocketbook, it is possible to take part in all those things you have been putting off because you just never had the time. It is freeing just imagining it isn’t it? Soak in the for a while, it is calming to just imagine being freer.

Mental Health Freedom

After you have been able to indulge in the time freedom for a while, it will have the freeing effect on you where your mind will become less stressed and tied up with all that you have to get done and trying to make more time to get it all done.

It all ties together and all begins with finding freedom from money. Since money is the beginning of the process, I want to drive home how utterly important it is to make sure that you address financial freedom first and then the other freedoms.

Physical Health FreedomMuscle

I cannot say with absolute certainty which comes first, but I think they are closely related. Your mind and your physical health will become freed up in close relation, you will sleep better, eat better, feel better. Freedom is all encompassing and you will begin to be more and more free with each passing day.

Some people may become freer mentally before physically, while others may notice the physical freedoms falling into place fist.

They Are All Tied Together

As you look back over how things in your life have become freer, you will see just how bound up in the slavery of money and time and stress you really were. It is an amazing process and a wonderful feeling to learn and implement financial freedoms and then in turn to develop all these other freedoms which hinge on being freed from money.

Once you have learned and begin to enjoy these freedoms, you will naturally want to pass this gift on to others you know. That is just a natural process we enter into. It’s like finding a super good deal on something, you just have to inform your friends and family of it as soon as you find out.

If this is what you want, and be honest, why wouldn’t it be, then check this out and learn how to begin this process right now for free.Wealthy Affiliate





Reader Comments

  1. Nice Topic!! I’m experiencing freedom now! Freedom from my own self suffering. I had almost a 2 weeks ago a rude awakening with in myself and I realize accepting that I am free mentally today by the grace of our creator God! I’ve never felt better in my whole entire life. Their is no better feeling than Freedom!

    1. Freedom is the best feeling, I agree. I also agree that true freedom can only come from God. I do want to take the opportunity to help people to learn how to have freedom from financial hardships through learning how to build an online presence and generate money that way. Wealthy Affiliate is the best training platform that I am aware of and is wonderful if you know nothing about it or if you have previous experience. It is what I recommend to everyone who asks how I learned to make money with an online business. 

  2. I must say that I am very glad that I stumbled upon this article Frank. It is very true that all people want to achieve financial freedom and with that, everything other comes. I think that there is no better feeling when you work from the comfort of your home, in that way you will have more time for your family, kids, friends and what is most important there will be no more place for stress.

  3. Hi. I totally agree with what you’re saying! Freedom means everything to me and, in my opinion, is the true way to live life. Having time with your loved ones and doing things you want to do, rather than being trapped in a job, can really benefit your wellbeing too. 

    Personally, I am doing what I can to make this ‘fantasy’ my reality. I have been saving for years and building potential money makers in the background. Hopefully I get there within the next few years 🙂 

    What made you begin this journey towards freedom?

    1. I began this journey because I was tired of living from one paycheck to another and I was sick and tired of being lied to and taken advantage of by the company I was working for. I started looking and a few months in, after having been scammed a couple times, I came across Wealthy Affiliate and it has been no looking back since. 

  4. I can not agree more. People say that money does not buy happiness, but when I hear that someone says that I reply saying: but poverty does not buy anything. That is the truth, even when they don’t want to admit it, money is important and one of the most important things financial freedom can give you is TIME to spend it doing whatever you want.

    Just imagine! You can wake up at any time, work out, going on vacation, watch movies, practice your hobbies, do whatever you love to do and without worrying about money!

    Life would be a paradise!

    1. Fredery, my man, you are right when you are right. LOL, money does have a place and it can help you in life. Just don’t ever work for your money, let your money work for you.

  5. Very insightful on financial freedom and I agree the only way is with a great team behind you. WA is the place to get the support and that balance in a step by step training that is out of this world. With a lot of patients things will be on the up and up and only then you will see your business grow. Very good stuff!

  6. Hello and thank you for touching such important subject as freedom. Freedom means many things and people tend to think differently when they hear word Freedom! For each person it has different meaning. Your article clearly shows various freedoms, they are all different but in same time they all tight together.

    Very interesting subject and I think you are far away from finish there is so much to be sad. Well may be in another post.

    Thank you

  7. What a great article Frank. I enjoyed reading this very much. Freedom is really defined well here in your post, and it really is so important. In this day and age, being able to be financially free, to be your own boss, to be Free to enjoy your life and not tied to the constraints of working for someone else’s financial freedom, is real PERSONAL FREEDOM! We live in a world where everything costs and to have this ticked off as no longer a problem then it gives us freedom to be creative to inspire ones self and to really enjoy living. Time freedom doesn’t always come with financial freedom but if you can add this to the mix of your life wouldn’t that be amazing. You’ve inspired me to look for more ways to create freedom in my life. Mary

    1. I am so happy that you are on the path to finding and discovering new freedoms. That is the goal of free-4life, to help create a better life and bring true freedom for life to as many people that we can. Thanks you again and blessings on your journey to freedom. If you have yet to try finding financial freedom, you can begin that journey here at Wealthy Affiliate. 

  8. Getting financial freedom is the prime mover to get all the other freedoms in place for sure. As you say it is all tied together and for instanse, without optimal health it will be hard to work towards financial freedom. It takes a whole lot of work to do the financial freedom journey but once we achieve that part the other areas of freedom will be so much easier to deal with. Good post, and being a WA-member myself I will take your word for that finacial freedom can start right here



  9. “Custom sometimes makes us live in a cage… even knowing that the door is open” After read your post I reminded this quote I have read recently. To be free is more than financially freedom is to be free in mind. I think mentally freedom is first, my humble opinion. Thank you for your considerations about such important thing: freedom 🙂

    1. Freedom does start in the mind, in as much as you have to decide to choose the path to it. I would argue that in order to have the time freedom to work more on your mental health, you would have to have a certain level of monetary freedom. If you are tied to a job because you have to pay your bills and you spend most of your energies working and have so little left over, well, I hope you get the point. Plus, if you have a family to attend to, yeah, it is such a huge uphill battle and it would be so much easier to be able to work from home, be your own boss and attain some freedom from money that would give you more time freedom that would allow you to work on family and assist in mental health. I see it all as being tied together and that the first huge step is to attain some financial freedom first. 

      Thank you for commenting and the best of outcomes in your journey. 

  10. I have heard from many of my mentors that financial freedom is an awesome feeling to experience. I am working on building it myself and I have to say it is one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life.

    I find that if someone doesn’t have a good reason for wanting it, they will never achieve it. So I have been listing out my personal reasons for wanting it.

    Do you think not everyone is destined for financial freedom?

    1. First of all, congratulations on starting the journey towards Financial Freedom. Next, I cannot say that anyone is necessarily “destined” for it, I believe that for the greater part, we make our own destiny. That being said, I know that if you want something, you need to educate yourself about it in order to achieve the best outcome. I mean, you can just make an uneducated guess and hope for the best, but if you want the odds in your favor you should engage in a learning process that will better equip you to decide. 

      I say this because I know of a platform that is just that, it educates people who are trying to achieve financial freedom through building an online income. If you want to be successful, you should indeed equip yourself with success. Wealthy Affiliate is the best, hands down, training platform I have seen and I recommend it to anyone who is serious about building an online income. 

      Thank you Jessie and may you achieve your goals and reach your dreams. 

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