Handling Money vs Creating Freedom

Is there a direct correlation between being a Wealthy Affiliate member and creating an online passive income stream?

Handling MoneyHandling Money

There are so many people out there right now who are so busy working their 40+ hour a week job and just handling money. Handling money is just going to work and doing your job and getting paid (not very well) for your time, only to turn around and give that same money that you just got to someone else so you can keep some stuff. This same stuff that you end up not even having any time to use because you are always working to pay for it.

How does that make any sense? The correct answer is that it doesn’t. Money doesn’t bring you happiness, just like having stuff doesn’t either. What brings happiness is fulfillment and you simply cannot find that by selling your time to pay for things that you never get to use.

Making Money

You sometimes can land a position working for someone else and it may pay you well enough that you actually get to make some money. The usual outcome of this is that people who are able to find that rare position ends up living above their means again because that is what they are used to, that is their programming.

We, as creatures of habit, gravitate towards what we are used to. Because of that, we end up doing what we have always known to do, what we have always done before. If you are appointed a new job and you end up getting paid a generous amount more, you would likely end up being just as broke as you were before. It may take some time, but you would end up not really being any further ahead than you were making much less money.

I recently talked to a friend of mine who was working an active income job and making a six-figure income. He was let go due to attendance and that was because of health issues. The point was that he even told me that he didn’t really save that much money, he simply spent more while he was making that much.

Generating Money

Generating money takes a shift, you need to think about things a bit differently. Quite a bit different actually. Instead of putting a dollar amount on how much your time is worth, you look at an investment with the outcome in mind and approach it from that mindset. You don’t imagine that you will get a certain amount of money for putting in a certain amount of time, no, you think about the endgame and begin to work towards it.

Of course, if you aren’t already independently wealthy you will want to make sure it isn’t something that will completely break you before it comes to fruition.

Passive Income Stream

I drive this point home because it is pivotal. You address an investment from the passive income point of view. You want to set something in motion that will continue to generate money long after you have done it. This is versus the “active” income stream which dictates that you have to be active in order to make any money.

Think about it like this, a singer/songwriter that sings and/or writes music does so and then reaps the benefits long afterward. That is of course if they are any good at what they do. That is a passive income stream. If they only got paid whenever they sang the song, then that would be an active income stream. I hope that we can all agree that a passive income is the route to go when trying to create financial freedom.

Creating Freedom

Freedom is hardly ever free. You work at creating freedoms. Financial freedom is no different. It is certainly possible to create a future that includes financial freedom generating a passive income stream. This future will, however, be after doing the due diligence and building that stream. I personally had looked at several options available and tried some of them and had spent many hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars searching for the answers I am trying to pass on to you right now. I have done the legwork, I have experienced the aggravation and headaches that come along with bad situations brought on by dishonest people only trying to sell you a poor platform or bad product.

I have been blessed with an opportunity that offers the chance for virtually anyone who desires to build a financially free future to learn how to do so. I am furthermore excited to be able to let you try this wonderful platform for free. If anything in this article/blog has rung true for you today, take the time to check this out for free and decide for yourself. Simply click on the banner below and start your journey towards a financially free future today.





Reader Comments

  1. I completely agree with you.  I have been working for someone else and still do.  But last year I went out on my own to run a gutter business as a subcontractor. Only to find out the hard way that the government took more of the money that I made because it put me in a higher tax bracket. I didn’t save enough money during the time that I was making almost twice as much as before.

    I have also done affiliate marketing the wrong way before too.  I was make some money doing affiliate marketing by using traffic exchanges and safelist but I was just selling products.  Never setup anything to make a passive income or setting up a website that people would keep visiting to make sales.  

    Now I’m doing it the right way with Wealthy Affiliate and I’m starting to gain traction and working towards that passive income.

    Great post love the topic and the content.

    1. Thank you Jerry, for the first hand example of how working harder and trying to make more money with an active job income really doesn’t work out the way most people envision it to. 

      It is very difficult, nearly impossible to build an active income source that will change your life. A passive income, however, can and will change the way you look at life. If you can make money while eating dinner with your family, or taking a bath, or sleeping, golfing, whatever. That changes the way that you see and perceive income altogether. 

  2. This article is an excellent example on how just changing your mindset and your perspective can lead you to financial freedom from passive income. Making money to actually generating money what a great description of both. I agree you can have financial freedom by generating passive income. You do have to work on it now however to get there. It comes down to taking actionable steps for passive income.

    1. I really could not have worded it any better than that Cathy. Thank you so much for that. It motivates and captivates people who are already tired of their 40+ a week job = (Just Over Broke). I am excited to see that there are so many others out there that are tired of the way the corporate world has become and they can see that there is a better way.

  3. It is kind of pointless to spend your whole days working for your money so that you never really have the time to enjoy it.  All your money goes to all your needs and if you’re lucky you might manage to save some of it, but what is the point of never having the time to enjoy anything that you might buy for yourself to enjoy.  You are always a slave to your job. You have to worry that you might get fired one day and you need permission to take a day off.  It is much better to use your time now to build a better future and create the freedom to do what you want when you want.

    1. All excellent points Shy, and I can tell that you have a firm grasp on just how to achieve the goal of financial freedoms set before you. If you have not already joined Wealthy Affiliate, I recommend that you do so now. It is free to set up an account and totally a no risk decision. Thanks again for your comments

  4. I agree with you that many people who  receive a pay raise or better paying job, are no further ahead than when they were making less money, because they are spending more money.  I have witnessed it firsthand, I know friends who have gone through this.  The idea of creating a passive income should really be on everyone’s mind. Who doesn’t want to earn money while they sleep?  Also, it’s good to have a source of  backup income in case you get laid off from your job , or cannot work due to health reasons.  I myself  am a member of Wealthy Affiliate, and I am currently building my website, as I hope to earn a passive income, and have more time to spend with family.

    1. Thank you for your resolution and determination Jenny. That is one of the many benefits to being a member of Wealthy Affiliate, the support it takes and the encouragement to continue on. 

      As you already know and as the reader should understand, it takes time and determination to build an online passive income stream. With the support of the community within Wealthy Affiliate, it makes it so much easier and attainable because you have so many people backing you and guiding you along the way. 

      See you in the Winner’s circle. Thanks again Jenny.

  5. This is really a great post. You couldn’t have said it better. Right now I am handling money, every month I get paid but I just hand it over to the bill collectors and pay for other stuff that I don’t really get a chance to enjoy. I understand totally what you have written about. Many persons can relate. Wealthy Affliate is truly the place to gain financial freedom. I am a proud member of Wealthy Affliate and I know with dedication, hardwork and being consistent, success is attainable.


  6. Hi! I agree with a great number of statements mentioned here. Working to buy stuff we then can’t use because we are always working to pay for it. Although it’s not a rational thing to do, most of us fall into this trap!

    We do what we are programmed to do! Some of us can earn more during certain periods of our life, but we end up being just as broke as before. That’s sad!

    There are still some more valuable quotes on this post, but summing up, I agree with your approach! I’ll check out this platform you recommend here! It says “No credit card required,” and you say it’s free, so I may as well give it a try!

    1. That’s right Henry, you have absolutely nothing to lose and so much to gain. I applaud your open mindedness and willingness to try something different. 

      I have been told that it is insane to continue to do the same thing over and over and expect a different outcome. I have complete confidence that you will be enriched by what you see in Wealthy Affiliate. 

      Congratulations and welcome aboard. 

  7. Hi. What a thoughtful plan to gain financial freedom!

    You clearly shown how we handle money which, in a nutshell,  is living from payday to payday. And, all of this is for what? Some of us end up with nothing to enjoy in the end.

    This article shows rather than a actively living this was, it is better to invest in a passive income stream that creates a continuous income without being actively involved like a 9-5 job.

    This is an excellent way of achieving financial freedom.

    Because you have convinced me, I clicked the Wealthy Affiliate banner for a scam free chance towards financial freedom. 

    Thank you for saving me from unnecessary hardship.



    1. Excellent decision Maxine. You have made a choice that will alter the course of your life, for the better. Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform to learn and implement how to make money online. The greatest aspect of Wealthy Affiliate, at least fo so many I know, is the community of members. 

      There is so much support there and such a diverse people that no matter who you are, where you’re from or what your goals are, you will have someone to talk to and find support and advice.

      Again, I would like to congratulate you on your decision and welcome you aboard. 

  8. I am a single mom with a toddler son. I am currently on welfare so I don’t have to work but its barely crumbs. I get $500 a month to survive off of to buy diapers, food, things that I need for my son. It’s so not enough. So right now I am working really hard on my niche site so that I can have the kind of passive income and freedom you are talking about. I would love to give my son the type of childhood he deserves, while still having the freedom to be with him all the time. I could not imagine having to go to a 40+ hour a week job and leave my baby in childcare. Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate, I now have the tools to make an online empire in which I can sustain myself in the future. Wealthy Affiliate is the only legit platform where you can learn everything you need and have a supportive community to answer any of your questions. I would only recommend Wealthy Affiliate for anyone who has no previous experience in online marketing. 

    1. Sophia, the really sad thing is that you are not alone in this situation. But the really great thing is that anyone, I mean anyone, can afford to do Wealthy Affiliate and begin to change the path they are on. I applaud your efforts and hope that you stay the course. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the place that you can turn your situation around.

      Thank you for your story and comments. See you in the winner’s circle. 

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