I’m Just So Sick Of It

How many times have you said that, or thought that? How many times a month, a week, or maybe every day, do you get sick and tired of having to do more than your fair share of work because there are so many lazy people working where you work who seem to be able to do whatever they want to and never get in trouble for it? How about being passed up for promotions, or just plain lied to be the management?

Enough Is Enough

I know I couldn't wait to get out of work at the place I worked. I hated it there and all the crap that went along with it. I was lied to, time after time. I was passed up for promotions. I saw people who seemed to be able to do whatever they wanted, while others (myself included) got "talked" to whenever there was an issue. Enough is enough, that is what I told myself. I was so tired of the garbage that I was going through in that job.

I listened to other people talk about the jobs that they had and it was the same no matter where you were. I couldn't just quit my job and go somewhere else and find a better job. Sure it would seem better for a while, but that is only because it was new and I wasn't privy to all the crap at that job yet. Given enough time I am sure it would all come to the surface, sooner or later. Sooner likely.

Take Pride In Your Work

My dad, God rest his soul, taught me to have a good work ethic. That means that I take a certain amount of pride in what I do, whatever it is. I like to be able to stand back and see what my hands have done and been happy with it. In the job I referred to above, it was so despairing to try so hard to make a difference and yet seemingly go nowhere.

I want to be able to work, hard preferably, and see the results of my labors. I want to be able to say, "yeah, I did that". I don't need a pat on the back, but I do need to have some joy in my work and some pride in what I do.

Join Us

Take Charge

I knew that if I was going to have any chance of happiness in my work, I would have to create that job for myself since I couldn't find it anywhere. That is when I decided to try doing online marketing. It sounded like a decent way to make a living and I thought certainly I could do it. I mean, I may not be the most tech savvy person, but I am not the least either.

I set out to try to learn the ins and outs of how to do online marketing or affiliate marketing. There is a floodgate that you just don't want to open all at once. LOL, I got overwhelmed so fast that my head is still swimming from it at times. I looked and looked and even got to the point that I was about to give up on the entire idea.

Training Platforms Galore

Not sure if any of you have even ever heard of Wealthy Affiliate, but I had looked into a few times, but thought why should I have to pay for this training if I can find all this information out for free online anyway. I learned soon enough the answer to that question.

I had looked into several training platforms, including Wealthy Affiliate, and even tried a couple prior to joining Wealthy Affiliate. What I learned was astounding, to say the least. I joined one that claimed that they had everything that you need all in one spot and that their training was the very best out there. They had the review, the customer satisfaction quotes and all. I joined and got very little in return. The best thing I could say about that particular one was that at least they returned my money quickly.

I approached a guy from another platform after that, this guy was supposed to be the creator of that platform and I asked him point-blank, "Why should I choose your program over any of the others out there?". He simply responded by telling me that if I wanted to spend way more money and get less in return then I should go with his platform. I was taken aback, to say the least. I was truly trying to discern for myself if this was the right fit for me and what, if anything, set them apart from the others out there. When he responded with a high school response, I tried again to get him to explain to me what it was that was so good about his platform. He did give me a better response the second time around, but even after I created my free trial account, it was clear that the training was lacking, the support wasn't there and the cost was going to way outside my comfort zone.

Such A Bargain

I once again looked into Wealthy Affiliate. The fella that I ended up going through, my referrer, was very easy to understand and very down to earth. He explained Wealthy Affiliate to me in such a way that it made much more sense. So, after having run myself ragged trying to search out all that I would need to know online by myself, I decided that I needed to try a training platform. Then, after having tried a couple of them, I got a bit gun shy and withdrew from the idea for a bit.

I am so fortunate that I was able to find the guy that I ended up learning from and later joined Wealthy Affiliate because it has been no looking back ever since then. I started my free account and within a few days, I went premium. I was only premium for about 4 days when I went annual. I have been a part of Wealthy Affiliate for a bit now and I cannot imagine going back. I have learned so much from the training there that I would never have been able to sort through and learn on my own.

I have to tell you though, that the very best part of being a member at Wealthy Affiliate is the support I get from the community. There is such a diverse community within Wealthy Affiliate and they have a 'pay it forward' mentality that is far more beneficial than even the training. And don't get me wrong, the training is phenomenal, to say the least. It is broken down into easy to understand modules and put into sections that let you feel the progress that you are making. The community, though, ties it all together so wonderfully. So, enough talk, let's get to it.

Wealthy Affiliate





Reader Comments

  1. Hi Frank, I have same feelings exactly as you write this in this article. I am tired of doing hard jobs and struggling for better life. Some how, I have joined your #1 recommendation of Wealthy Affilate site and learning lots of things.

    Your post gives me inspiration and I am bookmarking your site for future use. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. It makes it feel all worthwhile when people say that. I am happy that you are on a path to a better life. Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to begin that journey.  Thank you so much for commenting. 

  2. It is a long journey of learning when anyone sets out to find a new way of earning a living.  Online is no different than going to a 9 to 5 stint.  Other than less people to have to interact with in person, it is up to the individual to figure out what is the good ways and the bad.  

    Too many guru’s and want to take your money and give you the least marketers out there.  Yes, Wealthy Affiliates is the best schooling there is and until one discovers this, it’s all about the lessons we learn along the way.  There is so much information for online marketing and figuring out the fools gold from the real thing is difficult.

    Never too late to start new chapters in life and I am glad you found yours and that many will heed your sage advice and get out of their rat races.

    1. Thank you so much Joseph, I am happy that you stopped in and commented. Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is a great way to get away from the rat race. Come back anytime my friend

  3. that was a fantastic story! I am immigrant and I have suffered from discrimination and I have to work for 12 hours or more everyday in order to “survive”, I didn’t get paid much. Luckily for me I joined Wealthy Affiliate, everything changed since then… Now I can make extra money and be my own boss!

    It really took time, but it was worth it

    I recommend Wealthy Affiliate at 1000% it literally change my life forever

    1. Congratulations Fredery, I am glad that you found Wealthy Affiliate and are on your way to freedom from the slavery of the mundane and dead end jobs. Welcome and keep up the great work. 

  4. Amen, a 9-5 to job stinks.  The politics in the workforce is enough to drive someone up the wall.  Seriously, I have worked some really crappy jobs in the past.

    One thing that helped me was meditating each day.  I realized that the job was temporary and once my business took off I had the option to leave the job.  

    It’s the best feeling in the world to leave a 9-5 job.  

  5. I totally understand your frustrations from work. I am always inspired by people like you that have been able to branch out on their own and set up a profitable business for themselves. I am going to do all that I can to join you as an online entrepreneur. It looks like wealthy affiliate might be a good pace to start

  6. Thanks Frank, you touch a raw nerve for all of us job workers who experience the same kind of frustration.  I hear you friend!  I am really curious, what were the plans to learn affiliate marketing/online marketing that your tried prior to Wealthy Affiliate?  Can you name them and a few reasons why they were not as good as WA?Thank you for sharing your very personal journey, I really enjoyed reading it!

    1. Well, John, I could name them, but I try not to badmouth anyone. I even try to shy away from negative reviews. I know that they weren’t for me, and I hope that others aren’t led astray by them, but then again, perhaps there are people that would benefit from them over where I chose to be. I cannot see it, but I don’t know everything either. not yet anyway. LOL. All I can tell you is that Wealthy Affiliate has changed my life in so many ways, I cannot sing their praises enough. 

  7. I couldn’t agree with your assessment of the Wealthy Affiliate more , I also ventured around the  internet and joined other training programs , some making huge claims to show you the way , LOL none of them true. the first thing that made me curious about the Wealthy was the way that they didn’t really try to upsell you , they don’t need to because they provide a great service !!! I joined the free starter program and upgraded well before my first month was over , no looking back I an ranking within the first page results of Google and Bing . Thanks for sharing 

    1. Thank you Rick, for your encouraging story. I only hope and pray to be able to reach others to show them the path to financial freedom starts at Wealthy Affiliate. Have a blessed day my friend. 

  8. Hi Frank! Thank you very much for sharing your journey into affiliate marketing. Most of us are struggling with our 9 to 5 jobs and immediately click with the description you make of your experience. It’s quite amazing to me that we can nowadays build our very own business and work in what we have dreamed to work our entire life through affiliate marketing. Thank you very much for this eye-opening post!

    1. Thank you Henry, for stopping by and commenting. Yes, it is a familiar story, unfortunately. But so blessed to be able to learn through a platform like Wealthy Affiliate. 

  9. I just recently became a member of Wealthy affiliate.  It is an awesome trainging platform that gives you many ways to earn some extra cash.  I have gone yearly after being a member here for a month.  It is a great opportunity to start as a free member and then join for the very fist month at a great discount so you can have the best possible deal to checking it out for a whole month before you decide if you want to contiue as a premium member or not.  

    1. Shy, you are so smart to have gone yearly. Best value I’ve seen. I am glad you are with us in the WA arena.  Great lowdown of how the membership works. You can stay free forever, but there is so much that you can benefit from by going premium, and it really is a value.

  10. Reading your story took me back when I was contemplating about how long I want to do a job who takes so much from me, time, health and gives back so less.

    Don’t get me wrong I love working but I don’t like to be taken advantage off because I am reliable and committed.

    In a way, like you did, I searched and found here and there other platforms promising you almost the moon and after a trial period I realized it wasn’t what I thought it should be.

    Then, Wealthy Affiliate came along and it took me a long time to finally sign up with them after too many disappointments before to find the right platform.

    Well, this is the past and I am with Wealthy Affiliate for the last 4 years.and never looked back. 

    Hard work is paying off and I just loving it, the best decision I ever made.

    Thank you for sharing your story. 

    1. Man, Sylvia, our stories are so similar huh? Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to learn to build a passive income stream. My only goal now is to keep reaching others and showing them that they too can do this. 

  11. There are many people out there sick of their work with no choice. They have to work to survive.

    I’m glad that you have choices and you tried.

    In order to free ourselves from working under unfavorable environment, we have to have choices.

    For making money online, we have to be careful. There are many scams or not good systems out there to take your hard earn money.

    For Wealthy Affiliate, there is a Free starter membership. Anyone thinking about earning money from the internet, should give it a try.

  12. Your story sounds familiar. I had a few situations like that in my career. Working harder than everyone on the department. I worked with someone who had the same office job as me. Few times a week he was late, I mean very late in the morning. I decided to inform the manager. They were ‘friends’. So what happened was she looked into phone logs to see when he logged in everyday. Couple days later she told me “Everything is fine. I don’t see anything unusual. He’s always on time.”

    Well, I just stopped working from then on. Two days later the manager asked me to sign a letter, that I will continue my work.

    Guess what, I did. 

    But week later I had a new trainee job and said goodbye.

    I never liked to be bullied. This time wasn’t an exception either.

    Believe in yourself!

    I’m now into internetmarketing and glad I did!

    Also went premium last week on WA…

    Best investment!

    GL my friend 

    1. It is just such a great feeling to be able to work for yourself and not have to deal with the garbage out there. Congrats my friend. 

  13. I understand you, bro! I really hate to work for someone else, I consider that the biggest issue. Not that you have to work but for whom you work. It took me a lot of time, I lost a lot of money trying to invest on things that were actually scams. I was frustrated, I thought that becoming rich was something far away from reality… until I discovered Affiliate Marketing. The best way to make money online, in my opinion and Wealthy Affiliate is the best platforms to learn it

    1. Affiliate marketing is certainly a great way to earn money online and definitely Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform for learning how to do just that. Congrats and thank you for commenting. Keep building and growing. 

  14. I can relate so much with what you’re saying! That’s why I’m looking, for a while now, for a way to get out of this situation. The thing is that there’s so much info that I hardly know where to start. I need a platform that is not too overwhelming and can keep me on a straight path, so I can digest all the stuff that goes into internet marketing. Thanks for pointing me to Wealthy Affiliate. I’m gonna check it out!

    1. That is a wonderful decision and a great place to start Laura. I am confident that you will find what so many, myself included, have found. A training platform that is jam packed with training and a community that is so supportive. It is a value beyond words. See you on the inside 

  15. Hi Frank,

    Wow you smacked that touchy subject button right down, didn’t you?  It seems I’ve been making comments about that a lot lately, about how it’s unfair that some of us have to work so hard and do everything the hard way and just can’t seem to catch a break while others are seem to live on easy street while living the high life at the same time.  It’s just not fair.  I’ve been leading my team for over ten years, each team member recognizes me as the team leader and yet I’ve been passed over 3 times for a man to get the job of team lead.  The corporate world sucks and I can’t wait to build a website and create my own easy street!  Thank you for the recommendation!

    1. Kris, it is not a fair world, period. But, the corporate world seems to have more than its fair share of unjust situations. I am sorry that you have been treated so unfairly and passed over. Believe me, I know just how that feels. I am so happy that you have found your way here though. Please, check out my number one recommendation to see how it fits you and your dreams and goals. 

  16. Frank, I could not agree with you more. Working for someone else, especially when you are not appreciated, is terrible and wears on you. I worked my butt off for 5 straight years at my last job. I worked 15 hours a day 7 days a week pretty much the whole time. This is not healthy and my health has paid for it. I am now type 2 diabetic thanks to all those hours and not taking care of myself. I am now retired and also working online.

    Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best online business training, period! I also tried others and lost a lot of money. I am so glad I found WA and would recommend it to anyone who want to be an online business working for themselves.

    Great information. Thanks.

    1. Thank you Curtis. Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is the best training platform I have found and I recommend it to anyone serious about building a passive income stream for themselves. Thank you for stopping and commenting. 

  17. Thank you for sharing with us this great this post on financial freedom.I am having the same hard time as other people who always wait money from their boss without even get satisfaction in life.

    I have made the same decision like the one you made and join Wealthy Affiliate which seemed to be a great platform and guess what? I am very happy that I made such a great decision because I am learning a lot and earning at the same time.

    You can’t imagine that in one month I joined I got $100 for commenting on people’s websites.WA is a great platform

  18. I feel the same way too at the workplace that I am stuck with for over 10 years. I made a mistake for not leaving when I had the chance to do so and now, I have to put up with the crap and all the implemented system that benefit others, but not myself or my colleague. 

    The upside to this is that I am able to maneuver the work schedule in a way that allows me to start a part-time business online secretively. I guess that’s the only silver lining I am getting right now besides the paycheck. It’s a difficult process nevertheless, but I am willing to do anything to get out of the 9-5 grind.

    1. You have a great “why” and that is a great drive, great motivation. You keep doing what you are doing and before you know it you will not be ther any longer. Thank you so much for sharing and commenting Cathy.

  19. It is too funny….as I was reading your post I kept thinking that the only way to avoid those types of work situations is to work for yourself.  Low and behold that was your conclusion too.  I have had two successful business for the past 5 years.  One of them being an online business.  I am currently in the process of getting another online business stream set up.  One thing I have discovered working for yourself is that you need to motivate yourself and stay persistently consistent.  This is not always easy.

    1. No, Tom, I think that too many people think there are legit get rich quick options out there, but there really aren’t. There are plenty of scammers who will sell you a bill of goods, but they don’t deliver on their promises. Then you are right back to being lied to again. Building your own business takes work, determination and willpower, but it is totally worth it in the long run. 

  20. Great article Frank. I know that there is so many people who are not satisfied with their current job or position and that could be the reason for unhealthy life. I must admit that I was in the same situation but I decided to change my life starting with a job. I think that anyone can achieve to become a self boss but strong will and dedication are required.

  21. Hey there Frank. Thank you for this inspiring and motivating post. I’ve been there man. It is like I am reading my own story. I am so blessed that i found WA as much as you did. The community there really helped me grow and I started my own business thanks to them.

    There are so many jobs I did that seem so cut out of any perspective or decent life that as with you, it made me say enough is enough.


    1. Unfortunately there are way too many people who can relate to the crap of going through the aggravation of working for companies that treat people like tools and then discard them when they are of no use anymore. I am so blessed to have found Wealthy Affiliate when I did. I recommend it to anyone who is seriously looking to build an online business. 

  22. HI great webpage.  I also have experienced disappointments in the workplace and came across online marketing jobs.  I initially got interested because it was a work from home job, then I started watching affiliate marketing videos on YouTube.  Wealthy Affiliate caught my attention because like you said it is a bargain and there are no upsells. Anyways nice webpage!

    1. Thanks Peter, yes, there are so many things to talk about when it comes to learning affiliate marketing through Wealthy Affiliate. I find it best to answer as few questions as it takes to get people to start their free account and let them dig around a bit to find out most of what they would be asking, only doing it first hand for themselves. Thanks for sharing and commenting. 

  23. Hi Frank, it sounds like you’ve found a good platform there with Wealthy Affiliate. The 9-5 rat race can be very disheartening sometimes, especially when it feels like you’re working so hard but never get the recognition deserved, nor the opportunities that seem to be afforded to others. I’ve experienced that feeling myself. I’ve also started my own business which has come with many challenges too. I thought I was going to make more money quicker than I did, so instead of leaving the paid workforce completely I’ve had to stagger it so that I transition out. Quitting immediately was never going to work financially, so I’ve essentially had 2 jobs – the paid one, and ramping up my own business. It’s going well but it’s a lot of work. However I would recommend it any day and I’m really glad I’ve made that decision. I’m building my own business, that is all mine, and I’m immensely proud of my achievements. One day I will be able to leave the 9-5 completely. 

    1. Good for you Melissa, that is the dream. To be able to walk away for good. It is a great feeling, trust me. Keep working, you will get there. 

  24. We’ve all been through the same thing. At least I know I have been. I mean who wouldn’t get tired of all the crap they throw at you?

    I got fired from one job at the end and then quit the next and retired I was so fed up with it all.I did want to start an online business and found Wealthy Affiliate which was a Godsend!

    Now these are real people who care about you and are willing to help you whenever you need help.You can build a website around your passion, get traffic, and create income.

    You won’t find a better platform to work with where the training is top notch. You can follow your dreams and make them come true without all the backstabbers you’ve been used to at your job.

    Join for free, upgrade as I did and then put in the hard work to change your life.It is the answer! You’ll see!

  25. Frank, your article is very motivating.   Even the comments that people provided were very interesting to read.    

    First off, I want to say that I admire you for refusing to give the names of the other training programs that you experimented with.    I am not too fond of negative reviews and worry they are going to cause more headaches for the reviewer as those people try to defend themselves.   

    I prefer to focus on the positive things that I can control.    

    I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for a couple of years.  I agree with what you said about it.    While it takes a while to build a successful online business; it also takes a while to build a profitable brick and mortar business.    Wealthy Affiliate and it’s community has given me the tools to build an online business and a website for my other business.   

    I wish you and your other readers the best as you progress on building your own business that will allow you to control your own destiny.     

  26. I agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate has excellent training and a great support community. Unfortunately there are many people online that offer ready made systems that promise great earnings with almost no work needed. Wealthy Affiliate is so different. You know from the extensive training that it will take hard work and time before you start making any significant money. Probably six months to a year. 

    But as your father taught you about work ethic, you know that after the hard work you will have the satisfaction of success. I can see that you have what it takes to be successful. Good Luck!

    1. Thank you, Carlos. Yess all you have said is true, and I know that I will continue to see success after success with Wealthy Affiliate.

  27. I couldn’t agree more with this!! I drove myself crazy trying to figure things out without Wealthy Affiliate, trying to see if it was real or can i trust it. There is so much online that’s looks like can help you grow your business but at the end of the day they aren’t going to help you like WA.  Like many others, I too, was tired of the 9 to 5 trying to ‘keep up with the Jones’. I’m glad you wrote this and hope it will put a piece of mind to others. 

    1. There are so many people out there that who want to be done with the “rat race”, but they jut don’t know how to go about doing it. At Wealthy Affiliate, you learn the tricks of the trade, if you will, and then you hone your skills to the point of building a sustainable passive income stream. 

      Thanks so much for sharing and commenting Nicolette

  28. Hi Frank,

    your post struck a chord with me. Im tired of being someone else’s slave. As an expat in the middle east your whole life depends on your boss liking you and it sucks. 

    I also want to find another source of income where I am in control of it and no one else. In the current corporate world, you are only there to make the higher ups richer – its disgusting!

    I have signed up with WA and hopefully soon will make money online.

  29. Hey Frank,

    You voice sounds very familiar to me. It is really enough and no more. Thankfully it is a good decision to be at WA.

    Yes, it is your own. The money you make goes only to your pocket. The tired fingers pressing the key board defines your happiness.

    Everything has a challenge. My challenge is mustering self discipline when officing from home.

    It is not easy here either. Lots of smart hard work to be put in to bring success to our life.

    But somehow my gut feels we all will be there.

    Wish you all the best.

    1. Yes Anusuya, it can take a certain amount of discipline to work from home. It is easy to decide to take it easy for a day, then it is two and then you are getting nowhere fast. But, as you say, it is worth the effort. 

  30. Great post and informative article. 

    I had the same as you, a job I hated, wanted to work at home, not worrying anymore about anything, the good life. 

    So I decided to look up Wealthy Affiliate and what I can say is that this is the future. 

    I earn almost a full time income already after a couple of months, no more stress about bills, no more crap at the work, and I am proud where I stand now. 

    If I knew earlier I would have done it years before, but I am here now. 

    I suggest you also take a look at it 

  31. Yes I hear you! Having loved my proffesion and the actual work I did I just become to hate the corporate world with competitive colleagues making progression difficult and senior staff over looking those that really put the effort in. I too believe happiness comes from creating your online business, that way you can work hard without the obstacles the work place brings.

    1. Thank you for sharing and commenting Dianne. Yes, working from home presents a new set of difficulties sometimes. You have to be more disciplined and make sure you devote the time needed to build and maintain your business. It is totally worth it though. 

  32. You are absolutely right Frank. Somethings you come to a point in your life and say I am sick and tired of this. This can be a good thing because it allows us to gain clarity on what we really want in our lives. Either a better relationship, more money, freedom and even a peace of mind. 

    For me when that happened to me, I venture into the online world and came across Wealthy Affiliate. In my opinion, it’s the best platform for building a successful affiliate marketing. I will recommend this to everyone. 

  33. Very true, I wake up every morning going to the same work that I hate so much. Its only because Currently I have no financial freedom, I could have quit it long back. They tell me what to wear, the size of my hair and there is no Christmas holiday for me. Its so frustrating.

    Thank you so much for suggesting Affiliate marketing with Wealthy Affiliate, I will definitely give it a try. I have signed up with the program,  and will be looking at how it works in the next week. If it goes according to my expectations, I will definitely upgrade   

  34. Great article – the other aspect here in the 9 to 5 is that you can work your backside off one day and then do nothing the next and it makes absilutely no difference in the grand scheme of things.  At lease with this sort of thing you really get the results that you are looking for.  I cannot agree with your post highly enough in regards to Wealthy Affiliate.  I am a convert and am definitely starting to see results after only 3 months.  It is a slow game but totally worth it in the end.


    1. Man, Paul, you are spot on with that. I know with the warehouse I worked in, it didn’t matter how hard or how little you work. Actually it almost seemed that the less you work the more you get rewarded. So strange to me, still.

      But, in affiliate marketing, you will indeed be rewarded according to your efforts.

  35. A good majority of the people has a similar story like you Frank! Including yours truly. It was really courageous of you to take the situation under your control and venture into a domain where many fear to tread. People like you are our true inspiration. I also want to take the plunge but only one thing is holding me back. Please throw some light on the veracity of it. I was dong some research on how many months/years it takes to make blogging a success. A majority of the sites said it will take at least 3-6 years. Is it true? If yes then I will not be able to take the plunge. Your early revert will be highly solicited. Thanks


    1. GeeEss, there are so many variables to take into account, it really is near impossible to narrow it to a certain time. How much time you spend doing it, how well you create content, what niche you choose, if you use social media. Just too much, but it varies from about 6 months to 2 years. I am talking about making anywhere from a few dollars to four digits a month. So, it is in direct proportion to your efforts and your skill level. I will tell you that the training in Wealthy Affiliate is the best thing you can have to increase your success rate and the speed in which you find it. 

  36. Hey Frank! 

    Your post is exactly how plenty of persons on the globe think about their self or think about their job. On my part, I knew I could do better than I was doing. I got a great job but adding passive incomes was something that I thought about 2-3 years ago without taking the risk. But this has changed now. 

    After failing with a first online community (AWOL), I tried Wealthy Affiliate. I can tell you that I am so proud of being a member now. Like you said, the community is the best. IF they cannot help you, then there’s videos and trainings. WA is not a scam. But you need to work hard to build the foundation before getting the fruits of success. I am almost there. Can’t wait for 2019. let’s go! 


  37. Hey Frank, reading your story was like reading mine. Oh my goodness, this is happening everywhere! I thought we’re the only ones (me and my colleagues) who are having these unpleasant experiences in our workplace. My friend bluntly calls it “discrimination,” and it’s because we’re foreigners here on a working visa. Locals seem to enjoy all the privileges and they get paid much higher even if they’re not really qualified for the job. Indeed, enough is enough!

    I used to enjoy the work that I do but after years of working to make somebody else’s dream come true, I think it’s time to make mine come true — put up a business that I can call my own. I did stumble upon Wealthy Affiliate while I was on free membership with another program. I wanted to know as much as I can about this program by reading several reviews comparing it to others and that’s when I found out about Wealthy Affiliate. 

    The great reviews I read about WA convinced me that it is worth checking out and so I did. I signed up on starter membership and just like you I went yearly and never looked back since then. I am still working a 9-5 job while building my online business. I know that eventually I will have the time freedom and financial freedom that I always wanted. 

    By the way, how is it going now with your online business?

    1. Alice, you have encouraged me so much with this comment. I am so thankful that you have begun your journey to financial freedom. Keep it up, never quit. Thank you again for you story and for sharing. Our online business is growing every day. Thank you for asking. 

  38. You do a great job of describing the frustration that most individuals face in their daily job. Thanks for telling me about the solution  you found. Your energy level and engagement in learning is a real motivator for the rest of us. If you can do it so can I.

    Sometimes I get bogged down and lose my drive, but reading words like yours sure can get me back on track. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. 

    1. You know, Roger, that truly is what I’m here for. I want so badly to be able to fee not only myself, but others as well. At Wealthy Affiliate I have found the tools needed to build an online business that is freeing me from the grind. 

  39. Working 9-5 can really get you down. Particularly when your co-workers are lazy. Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform to get you on the road to creating your own income. I’ve only recently joined and am busily building up my content and waiting for it all to pay dividends! Good luck with your own journey!

    1. First of all, congratulations on joining Wealthy Affiliate. You are right about the fact that it is a great platform, I have found none better.

  40. Hi Frank 

    I can relate to your article as a lot, other people can as well. There are so many scams out there so when you do find a legitimate platform one is highly sceptical as you naturally will be. 

    I found Wealthy Affiliate after a dismal run of the next best thing and it took me a few weeks to realise that it could be different. The amazing welcoming I got from members who then added me to Facebook etc showed me they were real people and this could be a real platform.

    Two years later I am still here running my business online with Wealthy Affiliate hosting my websites and giving me all the resources I need to run it all under one roof. 

    In my opinion I’d find out for yourself as there is a superb full access trial with no obligation to leave payment details if you don’t want to! 

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