Practice Makes Perfect

Nobody is perfect at anything, we can all use more practice. We may know someone who seems perfect, but even they have their off days. We are all human, aren’t we, I mean, I didn’t miss anything did I?


We Could All Use More Practice

As I said, we can all use more practice. I knew a guy who was very good, like excellent with the nunchucks, but even he broke something once. No bones, it was a lamp, but he wasn’t perfect, that’s the point. He knew that he would always have to practice, even to just stay as good as he was.

I want to be better at earning passive income, so I will keep practicing that. I want to learn better how to have more free time, so I will practice that. What do you want to get better at doing?

No One Is Perfect, No Not One

I have never met a perfect person, I have met a few who thought they were perfect, but they are special people. LOL, narcissistic people make me laugh and cry at the same time. So, yeah, no one is perfect, even if they may think they are. We all need to practice more at whatever it is that we want to get better at.

I want to be better at being available to help my friends and family when they need it.

Getting Better All The Time

Each time you repeatĀ a process, you likely get a little better at it, or maybe a lot better. The fact is you will have a difficult time staying the same and not improving at least some each time you repeat something. So, as we keep doing what we have been doing, learning to do it better and repeating that, we will get better and better with time.

I am learning to be better at saying no to the corporate pirates and yes to my life away from work.

Help Is Always, Well, Helpful

Having help is always welcome, or at least it should be. Don’t think too much of yourself and don’t be afraid to ask for or accept help sometimes. It is smarter to accept help and succeed rather than to stand alone and fail. I don’t want to fail, I have been lied to for so many years, the idea that if you get a good education and a good job and so on and so on, it is all a sham, one big scam. I’m sorry if you are still sold out to this line of thinking, but it really isn’t the best line of action if you want to have success and happiness.

We Can Do It Better Together

It has taken me a very long time to find a community where the people truly are genuine and the training is so well measured out that you would almost have to be trying to fail in order to fail. I have found just such a place and would like to invite you to check it out. You can join for free and then decide if you want to stay. If you have ever wanted to learn how to have your very own online income, earning passive income 24/7, even while you sleep? Well click the banner below and hold on to your hat, it’s a fast ride.



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