Will It Work For You??

Everybody wants to have financial freedom, or they already have it and they want to keep it. I am working towards being able to work where I want and not have to work all day long, but to set things in motion that will continue to reap an income long after the work is done.

Do You Like Money?

Sounds like a trick question, I know, but it is one that begs asking. Do you like money? How about, do you like what money can do for you? If you were asked to define the word “Freedom” using a different word, what would that word be? I would choose the word “choice”, because to me, that is what money represents.

If you have more money, then you would have more choice. You would have the freedom to choose what you wanted to eat, what you wanted to wear and where you wanted to go. As it stands now, with little money, you have to settle for things you might not want to eat or wear things that you don’t necessarily like, and forget being able to travel.

Almost 40% of American citizens have difficulties trying to just pay for necessities like food and lodging. While 74% of people admit going into debt to pay for a vacation, to the tune of $1,100 on average.

Money is having choice to do more, be more, and to have more than just the clothes on your back and a task master who is always demanding more, more, more.


Do You Have Enough Money?

You obviously don’t have enough money, or you wouldn’t likely be reading my blogs on how to attain financial freedom. Having enough money is relative anyway, what is “enough” for one person might not be enough for the next. It is a hard question about what is enough money.

I have found that with so many people, it doesn’t matter how much money they have, they will spend it. With others, on the other hand, they are more frugal and can save money more easily than the rest of us. For many years, decades even, the Jewish people have been very good with money. This could imply that it can be heredity and inherent.

I’m not sure if you can actually get it from your parents, but I do know that it can be taught to you and that many people have learned it from their parents and have then passed it on to their children.

So, I believe that the answer to do you have enough money is most likely no. I personally cannot have too much, only because I love to be able to help others in need when the situation permits.

Would You Like More Money?

This, again, seems like a trick question, but if you don’t know how to handle money, then having more, while it seems like a good thought or notion, wouldn’t really make you any better off than before. You have to know how to handle money and not allow the money to handle you.

If you have a vice and you then throw a lot of money in the mix, what would happen? Your vice would gain more of a foot hold in your life, because you would be spending more and more money on it since you now have more. So, the question about wanting more money is a serious question and requires more thought.

Can You Say Scale?

Do you know how to take something and scale it up to be more? To take something and turn it into more is scaling. If you can scale, then you can learn how to make what you have become more and more until you are living a more financially free life.

In the online business realm, scaling is something that people do when they have learned how to generate a passive income stream and they want to turn that into more income. They take the same concept and scale it to another stream, or they scale it up within the same area and thus generate more.

Is This Even Possible?

If you have a dream and you have passion, you can go far. You can go even further if you have someone training you how to do what you want to. Having the right training platform is pivotal to becoming successful in most anything.

I have personally looked into and tried several online training platforms and I landed on what I believe to be the best one available. I will tell you why I feel that it is the best. First of all it gives concise instructions in easy to follow segments and rewards you along every step of the way. This platform also has a community of people, just like you that have already been where you are now. Some of them are where you are right now and they are on this journey with you. The fact is that you are not alone, ever.

The platform I am speaking about is also very affordable, as a matter of fact, if you’d like, you can try it for free. If any of this resonates with you, then simply click the banner below and start your free account today. I will see you on the inside.





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  1. Hi there!

    Thanks for sharing a good article to read about how I can start a website to make money online, I had the idea to look for some information to know more about how many people are working now on it and making money from it.

    I’m glad I found your website today, as I have been reading about Wealthy Affiliate lately and I think it is the place where I can learn all I need to create my own website.

    I also believe that finding financial freedom can lead to more good things in life, like to spend more time with my family.

  2. Hello there  

    Great post. Financial freedom is really everyone’s dream. Yet there are only few who attained it. Money gives freedom and having “enough” money is very relative. 

    In my opinion and experience, having and continuously creating multiple sources of passive income is the best ways to achieve financial freedom. There are many ways on how to generate passive income, however, online business is the most affordable one. It doesn’t require huge money investment. And the investment is more on time investment with the proper training. It takes time, but it pays off. 

    Best regards,


  3. I have never been very good with money, but I am trying to do better. I like your recommendation for Wealthy Affiliate because I agree with you that it has the potential to bring passive income and reach your financial objectives doing affiliate marketing. It is also great that WA includes everything needed to start and grow an online business for such a reasonable cost.

  4. Apparently it is possible, it can work for me, it can work for you as well. Freedom is awesome, choice is desirable and to scale is workable. 

    The question about one liking money is one that always begs for answer as does begs for asking. In the real sense, I love money, you love money we all love money, that’s right. Do you know it is not the amount of money you have that really gives you freedom?? Rather, your freedom lies within your ability to maintain the little you have, scaling it up to better and a next level and being able to keep up in the race of what, where and when to invest it. We always say let your money work for you, but I’d rather say learn to let your money work for you…… by implication conceive a creative and a better way to spread the money you have in such a way that at just a tap of your finger, you have it. 

    In conceiving this creative idea, I think the best place to get started is at Wealthy Affiliate. 

    Keep the flag flying…. 

  5. Hi Frank,Thanks for writing such an informative article.I find this post is hitting home. I was married and we both had income, nice income, but we didn’t have it any better off. Why? Because, as you say, we tend to help others when we have more. Especially helping our children, and yes we spoiled they with money. We bought way too much at Christmas, and Birthdays, school clothes, you name it.

    Maybe we need to teach the proper way to handle money as a required course in are schools? Then, people would be educated,and have a basic understanding for handling money and saving for a rainy day. Then, and only then after you have acquired enough money to sustain you lifestyle and comfort, will you be better off than before.

      I have also found out what you have found.Wealthy Affiliates is one of the better, maybe the best platform I have run across, for making money. They aren’t selling a product that is overpriced, but selling you training to learn how to be profitable. That is the real difference between a quality program and one that is just another scam. Thanks again for this very good advice.


    1. Well Chas, I don’t want to get started on what the government “should” be teaching our children in schools. LOL, not enough time for that one. But, yes, learning how to properly and more maturely handle money should be, at least, an optional course if not a mandatory one. 

      Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is a wonderful platform and not better place to start the journey to financial freedom than here, click to find out hoe to set up your free account today. http://free-4life.com/create

  6. Awesome article! It’s true that everybody want financial freedom but in reality, majority of the population in the world live in poverty. How do you achieve financial freedom?  The answer is nothing but Passive Income generation. Passive income is income resulting from cash flow received on a regular basis, requiring minimal to no effort by the recipient to maintain it.You can scale it up with your online business until you really achieve financial freedom. As well. you can do it with multiple income stream.

    What do you need to achieve this? You need to have the right mindset and a legit platform that provide you anything (trainings, tools, support, etc) to get you to succeed.

    But success doesn’t come overnite, please devote your time and effort into it and reap the benefits later on.

    Best regards:


    1. Thanks Nax, and I can tell that you already know what you are talking about. Yes, passive income is the way to go and learning to do that is a must. I tell people every day about Wealthy Affiliate and how great the training platform is there. To try it for free, just click this link:  http://free-4life.com/create

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